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4. Shipping your order

If you send your films using Australia Post, we recommend using their Express Post bags. We would also advise that all packages are sent registered. All films should be packed to prevent damage during shipping i.e. plenty of bubble wrap.
If you use a freight company, please ensure all your films are adequately packed in bubble wrap, as well as protected from moisture and physical damage.
We will retain a digital copy of your films for 7 days after completion. If you have not received your films within 7 days of us shipping them to you, please contact us immediately.

Disclaimer: While Accent DVD will take all due care for films in our possession, any damage or loss during transportation is the sole responsibility of the transportation company involved.

5. What happens next

Once we receive your films, we will process your order and transfer the films on to DVD. This process usually takes from 4 to 6 weeks depending on the condition of the original films.
When the job is complete, we will package and ship the original film and the newly finished product back to you.
We will email you with the freight tracking number once the items have been shipped.

6. Check list

  1. To make it easy for us to organise your films, please mark each film clearly (with either a permanent marker or label) in the sequence you wish the films to appear on the DVD.
  2. Enclose a brief description of the contents of each film so that we can create the appropriate DVD titles and chapter points.
  3. Enclose a copy of this order form with films you send.
  4. Package films appropriately (i.e. plenty of bubble wrap/cardboard etc).
  5. Send films.
  6. Enter your shipping tracking number on second copy of order form.
  7. Fax or email us this second copy of the order form. We will email you once your films safely arrive.