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Transfer your Films to DVD

Don’t let those irreplaceable old films deteriorate in the shed, transfer them to DVD now before they disappear, and they will disappear.

We use the latest digital film scanning technology available to guarantee your film transfers are of the highest possible quality.  Your films are scanned frame by frame and reassembled on our computer editing workstations giving an excellent result without flicker (pulsing), gate weave (slipping), hotspots (bright spot) or vignetting (dark corners and edges).  All films are checked and cleaned prior to scanning to further enhance the final results.

We will also edit out any, burnt, black or washed out frames and can add titles, music or sound effects if needed.

Your DVD’s can have a professional style menu system and chapter points for each roll of film or other relevant places as selected by yourself.

There are 3 main systems in use today to transfer film to DVD each giving vastly different results:


The cheapest method available resulting in the lowest quality transfer.
This method involves projecting the film onto a screen (in most cases just a white wall) and video taping it!  The resulting images have a hot spot in the middle, vignetting, flicker, under saturated colours (washed out look) and cropped frames.  In most cases the analogue video is then converted to DVD resulting in a further loss of quality. Don’t do it!! You will be disappointed with the results, costing you money to have it redone properly.

Transfer box (Aerial Projection Box)

Slightly better than the Projection method but suffers from similar problems and is no cheaper than the newest frame by frame method.
Until recently this was the best option available without spending thousands of dollars per reel!  Aerial projection involves projecting the film into a transfer box containing a small screen and a mirror, a video camera is aligned so as to record the image via the mirror.  The resulting images have a minor hot spot, a small amount of vignetting and flicker but still have less than optimal colour saturation and frame cropping.

Frame by Frame

As close to a perfect transfer as is possible.
This new method involves scanning each and every frame of your film in its entirety.  Each frame is
un-cropped and scanned with a cool even light avoiding hot spots and vignetting.  The frames are then reassembled on our digital editing workstation resulting in sharper, brighter, flicker free images with fantastic colour saturation.

So don’t trust your precious films to anybody, trust us we’ll do a brilliant job first time saving you time and money.

How to Get Your Films Transfered

If you live in the Geelong area, call in and see one of our friendly staff who can help you with your films or, if you prefer, you can either contact us by phone or email and arrange to send your order in for processing.
There are several easy steps to sending in your order. We have outlined the steps below to guide you through this process.

1. Calculate film length. Some reels also have film lengths marked on the reel.Approximate film lengths per roll

2. Determine what type of film you have
We process Super8, Standard 8 and 16mm movie film. Your film width and sprocket hole size should look like one of the sections of white leader shown at right.

3. Prepare your order
Please record any information on the reel or container that you want preserved.
Number your reels in the sequence you want them to play on the DVD (if known).
The DVD menu will be customized with your "DVD Title" (example: "The Smith Family Memories"), and DVD "Chapter Titles" for each reel of film (example: Chapter 1: 1950 - The Wedding).

If you are not sure of what to title your Chapters etc, don’t worry. We will view the footage and insert appropriate titles.

Enclose the DVD Title and Chapter Titles along with your order.Film typesFilm types

Complete the order form, copy this completed form and enclose one copy with your films.

Email us the copy of this completed order form AFTER you have sent your films (this is so you can record the freight tracking number on this copy of the form).

Click here to download order form.